Room for Work Privacy Notice



for Room for Work Course Attendees


Relating the Provision of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


May 2018




As an organisation and under the GDPR regulations we have to provide you, the course participant, with some information relating to how your personal data is processed, and what you need to do if you have a query about the data that Room for Work holds on you. This includes the details below :



1.    If you need to contact Room for Work regarding the data we hold on you the details are: The Data Controller, Mr Robin Bell, email:


2.  As a course participant the basis for processing your data is called “Legitimate Interest”.


3.  The basis for using “Legitimate Interest” will be to satisfy the terms of any funding proposal, reporting to a funder, activity reports and course development relating to participants attending the course. This information, including any reports or reporting, will always be anonymised so it cannot be related back to you as an individual.


4.   The length of time your personal data will be stored is dependant on some requirements by organisations providing funding to Room for Work. Room for Work will de-personalise all course attendees data after a period of 36 months. (i.e. remove any information that makes the data identifiable to you). The reason for this extended period is to enable Room for Work to carry out data studies to prove the value of the programme to current and future funders.


5.   Room for Work would like to stay in contact with you after you have completed the course and as such may communicate with you via email beyond the 36-month data retention period indicated in section 4. If you do not wish to be contacted please advise Room for Work on the email address in section 1.


6.     As a participant you have the right to: request access to your data, rectification of any errors in your data or erasure of data; to request restriction of processing; or to object to processing. You can do this by contacting the Room for Work data controller.


7.   When you have completed the course, you have the right to portability of your data. This means that, if you wish, Room for Work with provide you with a file of all data held in a portable electronic format, for example a MS Word file, or spreadsheet file.


8.     As a course participant you have the right to contact the supervisory body which is the Information Commissioners Body, in regard to how your data is processed,  you can contact them at  their web site at or telephone them on 0303 123 1113


9.    Room for Work does not use any automatic decision making or profiling software.


10.   Within the data that Room for Work holds on course participants there is some data that we hold (for example, details on your age and ethnicity) to satisfy the requirements of any government, local government or grant funding requirements. Other data may be held but will be anonomised for reporting purposes.


11.   Room for Work does not obtain personal data about you from 3rd parties










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